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High speed · High definition ·
High reliability

FUNAI's industrial printer ink cartridges improve the quality of industrial printing and streamline the printing process. Through a long history of printer development, the FUNAI industrial printer ink cartridge demonstrates our commitment to print quality and resolution of printing issues. FUNAI's industrial printer ink cartridges meet diverse printing needs with a wide lineup ranging from strong solvent-based inks to edible inks for foods. We can also provide services to replace existing systems.

Cooperation with Lexmark International, Inc.

Lexmark FUNAI Enhance Your Life

For many years, FUNAI has collaborated with Lexmark, the world's leading printer manufacturer. In April 2013, FUNAI acquired patent rights for printer-related products including ink cartridges, product development technology, and an ink cartridge manufacturing plant from Lexmark. An in-house manufacturing system for ink cartridges was then set up.
Utilizing Lexmark's thermal inkjet technology, we manufacture commercial and industrial ink cartridges and peripheral equipment and provide them to printing press manufacturers.
Currently, we continue to develop and expand our product lineup for various applications such as printing on cardboard and postcards, edible printing on tablets and eggs, and printing on glass and plastic. Try FUNAI's industrial printer ink cartridges for all inkjet printing solutions!

Merits of
Funai’s print

100% compatible with strong solvent inks

MEK resistance test (after 48 hours)
The left is made by another company, and the right is made by FUNAI.

FUNAI's industrial printer ink cartridges are 100% durable for strong solvent inks such as MEK, acetone and ethanol. With excellent chemical resistance not found in cartridges made by other companies, we meet the needs and resolve issues of the solvent-based ink market. We also sell solvent-based, water-based, edible, and externally supplied ink-type empty cartridges, so please feel free to contact us.

Maximum distance to
the printed surface
at 12 mm

Photograph from the printer head to the printing surface

FUNAI's industrial printer ink cartridges can discharge even if the distance from the printhead to the printing surface is twice (6.35 mm) or four times (12 mm) that of other companies' products. Even if the distance from the printhead to the printing surface is not kept constant on the production line or the printing surface is not smooth, clear and high-quality printing is still possible. We solve the problems on printing distance for customers.

Two-row nozzle for reliability and
high-speed printing

Comparison of nozzle structure between FUNAI products and other companies' products

FUNAI's industrial printer ink cartridges use a two-row nozzle structure. The second column prints the characters coming after the first column, which effectively doubles the printing speed. The merit of the two-row nozzle is that even if one nozzle is clogged, the adjacent nozzle takes over, so this prevents the problem of skipping characters. Our technology of industrial printer ink cartridges prevents "the unexpected" for customers who have high needs for volume printing.

Providing the engine,
the core technology
of printers

Printer engine diagram

Printers have multiple technologies built into them. Printer manufacturers design products by applying their own technology, so it may be difficult to customize the printer to meet customers’ needs. Developing a printer to meet your needs takes a lot of time and cost. Therefore, FUNAI provides the engine, which is the core technology of printers. Simply incorporate the FUNAI engine into a customer-designed product to complete a printer that meets your needs. We meet the needs of our customers by reducing the time and cost required for engine development. FUNAI engine is what you need.

Providing an engine for various purposes

  • Conveyor type
    Media conveyance・Tray conveyance
    Media conveyance・
    Tray conveyance
  • Self-propelling type
    Wide・Regular・Compact Printing range
    Wide・Regular・Compact Printing range
  • Specialized type
    Nail printer
    Nail printer

The engines provided by FUNAI are available in a wide range of types, from general document printers to dedicated printers. Just by setting a conveyor that matches the media, a conveyor type printer suitable for the media can be made. In the self-propelling type, the engine moves on two axes to print on the fixed media. In addition to specialized engines for FUNAI developed printers, we meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Low cost, stable,
high speed printer engine

High speed printing engine

All FUNAI printer engines are equipped with a DC motor for high-speed printing. A belt mechanism is used to drive the carrier to ensure stable operation, and the carrier has a frame structure, making it a low-cost design. In addition, the cartridge can be easily replaced with a single action, and peripheral mechanisms and electric circuits required for transportation can be provided as options.
FUNAI provides not only engines and cartridges, but also design service required by custumers.

FUNAI's high speed, high definition, and high reliability print technology improves the quality of your industrial printing and streamlines the printing process.

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