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Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
August 1961
Head office
7-7-1 Nakagaito, Daito, Osaka 574-0013
31,307 million yen
(as of March 31, 2020)
(as of March 31, 2020)
Business category
Electrical equipment
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7-7-1 Nakagaito, Daito, Osaka 574-0013

About Printing
Solutions Division

Printer products
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The Printing Solutions Division of FUNAI Electric

Funai Electric Printing Solutions Division develops new print business in collaboration with customers through its own print engine and ink cartridge technologies. For many years, we have been an OEM of Lexmark, the world's leading printer manufacturer, and in 2013, we acquired development technology, a manufacturing plant, and patent rights for printer-related products from Lexmark.

As a result, we manufacture hardware and ink cartridges in-house, and provide solutions to customers who are developing or planning to develop printing businesses.

Ink cartridge
Ink cartridge Ink cartridge

Providing solutions at various levels

Funai Electric Printing Solutions Division responds to all customer requests. We offer various levels of solutions to meet customers’ requirements, such as providing ink cartridges, information on software and hardware, and printers with print engines.

Our major advantage is that by positioning our technology as an open platform, we can select the resources to provide both vertically integrated full packages and horizontal modular solutions as required by our customers.

Print engine
Print engine Print engine

Benefits provided by our resources

"I have printer and ink, so I just need a cartridge." "I want an ink cartridge that can operate without modifying existing equipment." If you have any such issues, please contact us. From empty ink cartridges to our company’s heater chips, to technical information, we provide solutions that meet your needs.

In addition to cartridges, we also respond to customer requests for print engines, which is the core technology of printers. Engine development usually takes a considerable amount of time and money. According to customers’ requests, we provide various engines including those manufactured by us, as well as printer-related products.

By customizing our various development resources, customers can significantly reduce their development time and costs.

Own products

Funai Electric Printing Solutions Division’s Mission

We provide our technology to respond to customers’ solutions, we synergize our strengths with our customers’ strengths and build a win-win relationship.

By matching to the customer’s print business vector, we probe deeply into the possibilities of the customer’s new print business and offer strong support as a solution provider. This is the mission of Funai Electric Printing Solutions Division.

History of printer business


We provided inkjet printer OEM products for a leading U.S. printer manufacturer. Against conventional wisdom, we succeeded in mass-producing a printer at the incredible price of $99.

OEM products for inkjet printers for major US printer manufacturers

We started production of monochrome laser beam printers as OEM products for a leading U.S. printer manufacturer.

Monochrome laser beam printer

We acquired printer-related assets, including ink cartridges from Lexmark*

*Former Lexmark International (Philippines), Inc.
  • Patent group related to inkjet printer products
  • Inkjet printer related research and development, product designs and functions.
    We also established R & D center with the transfer of R & D equipment and acquired an aftermarket product manufacturer related to inkjet printers.
FUNAI office

Under a license agreement with KODAK, we started manufacturing and selling high-quality printers with the KODAK brand.

KODAK brand high quality printer

Launched the nail art printer "CureNel". We started selling a completely new product that enables anyone to enjoy printing on their nails easily and in a short time.

Nail art printer "CureNel"

We plan to manufacture and sell food art printers and cafe latte printers.

Food art printer, cafe latte printer